Cosmetic Surgery Trends 2023

Cosmetic surgery trends slowed down during the pandemic but now everything is back to normal, we’re beginning to see new (and some old) surgeries coming into 2023 with inspiration from celebrities and the opinions of surgeons. Here’s a look at cosmetic surgery trends for 2023.

Natural Procedures

Cosmetic surgery has moments where obvious work is trending i.e facelifts, BBLs and breast augmentations. But in recent years subtle surgeries have been trending with natural fillers, women want breast implants removed and people want their body reshaped with fat transfers, rather than opting for implants. 

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Minimally invasive procedures have been popular for a few years and that trend continues to show. Non surgical nose jobs, anti wrinkle injections and more have both pros and cons to whether they’re the right choice for the patient.

Pros include a much lower cost, lower risk (no anaesthetic needed) and fast (if any) recovery time. However non surgical procedures tend to fade away over 6 to 12 months after.

Minimally invasive procedures aren’t just injections, there are also considered with surgeries that only require a small incision or a few stitches. Now that this is more widely available, more people want procedures that won’t leave a scar, which coincides with people want natural look procedures.

Mini Boob Jobs

Mini boob jobs are becoming increasingly popular and tend to be defined by being a breast augmentation that uses less that 250cc implants. 250cc implants increase the breast size by 1 cup, so a mini boob job might be for someone just looking to add shape to their figure.

Women of all ages are showing interest in this procedure with more women having the confidence to go braless, this might come with more confidence after a mini boob job. The trend is known as a boob job for women who don’t want a boob job, i,e they want a subtle reshape rather than jumping sizes and completely changing their curves.


A pillar in the cosmetic surgery industry is liposuction, the removal of unwanted fat. The procedure tends to be completed in areas that normal exercise and a balanced diet won’t help. In 2023 this procedure will still be popular but innovative options will be available including liposuction in unusual areas such as ankles and low legs.

It’s not exactly a revolutionary practice but a trend in naturally reshaping areas that the patients want seems to be a big trend over the past few years.

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