How Technology Is Reinventing K-12 Education Stanford Report

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  • March 6, 2024 • The conflict between Israel and Palestinians — and other teams in the Middle East — goes back many years.
  • The newest in a line of job role-specific generative AI assistants, Copilot for Finance is designed to automate rote tasks for monetary professionals.
  • Lawmakers in a minimal of seven states are taking massive legislative swings to manage bias in artificial intelligence.

Gamification generally tries to make “chocolate-covered broccoli,” Schwartz mentioned, by including art and rewards to make speeded response duties involving single-answer, factual questions more fun. He hopes to see extra creative play patterns that give college students points for rethinking an strategy or adapting their technique, rather than solely rewarding them for shortly producing an accurate response. The instructional possibilities now transcend placing on a headset and experiencing life in a distant location. With new applied sciences, students can create their own native interactive 360-degree scenarios, using only a cell phone or inexpensive digicam and simple online tools. The use of immersive technologies like augmented actuality, virtual reality, and blended actuality can also be anticipated to surge within the classroom, especially as new high-profile gadgets integrating these realities hit the marketplace in 2024.

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