How To Save Space When Packing This Summer!

Luggage allowances seem to be getting smaller and smaller by the year, which is why we’re here to help you save space when you’re packing! From ways to take less clothes with you in the first place to some handy packing hacks, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need to squeeze all your outfits into one small carry-on bag or you need to squeeze everything into a suitcase for your two week holiday, we’ve got the tips for you. It’s time to get excited for your summer holiday and here’s how to save space when packing to help you get started!

Packing Cubes

First up, if you’re packing a suitcase, packing cubes are definitely the way to go. You can keep everything separate which is great, plus if any of your toiletries leak, you have that extra layer of protection for your clothes. Whilst these are great benefits, the main one is that you can carefully roll or fold your clothes into the cubes, then many of them have two zips. So, you put your stuff in and zip as normal, then you close the second zip and it compacts everything into a much smaller space. If you have anything that creases really easily then maybe avoid this, but for the most part, it’s just the same as rolling or folding in your main suitcase. This is a great hack to help you save space and keep everything organised, whether it’s your going out dresses, bikinis or anything in between.

Take Diverse Items

Another thing you can do to save space when packing is to take diverse items that you can mix and match throughout your holiday, so you still feel like you’re wearing lots of different things, whilst also saving space. Take a few statement dresses, but then plenty of shorts, skirts and tops to mix things up throughout the holiday. Having a few great quality pieces that you love and go with lots of different things, like your classic bodycon dresses, corset tops or denim skirts are always a win. This is especially great for shorter holidays when you’re really short on space.

Consider Your Airport Outfit

Our final great tip is to consider your airport outfit really carefully! Of course you want to wear something that is slightly warm for the plane, cool for when you arrive and then also comfortable, however you should also try to wear items you will also wear on holiday. The largest items you’re going to take away will likely be chunky heeled sandals maybe, or a jacket for the evening. So, you could wear your joggers and t-shirt with a sweatshirt, but then layer with your jacket and style with your sandals. You will save plenty of space in your suitcase but still get to take everything with you, as well as staying comfy! If you don’t fancy wearing really chunky shoes, get a bag for hand luggage as big as you can get away with, then put your biggest shoes in there.

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