Is BUSSINES Worth [$] To You?

Generally speaking, glamor and extravagance tend to thrive in times of economic uncertainty. Take the sequinned flapper girls of the roaring twenties, for example, who flourished in the era right before the Great Depression. And the same is true of the inverse. In more recent memory, minimalism reigned supreme as we emerged from the 2008 recession, no doubt a balm for troubling times. I may be no economist, but it seems to me that recent inflation and forecasts of an impending economic downturn are once again informing how we’re getting dressed.

Based on what the fall 2022 collections presented us, the roaring twenty-twenties have officially arrived, and fashion is once again flourishing with frivolous, flirty, and fun-loving looks that are ready for their big nights out. Finances aside, I could not be any happier for the drama and spectacle of it all. With that, I’m pleased to share that our going-out style report is here. Ahead, read about the six party trends that are defining 2022, from sheer sequins to Y2K-inspired ruffles.

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