Estate Planning and Personal Property

Estate Planning and Personal Property

Prior to meeting with us, many of our clients have felt overwhelmed by estate planning. Often, they are more concerned about the smaller aspects of estate planning than the larger ones.

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We help our clients plan to protect all of their interests, both big and small.

Frequently, clients have sentimental items that they wish to pass to family or friends upon their death.

While these items may be of little financial value, we know they are incredibly important to our clients and help them to make sure their wishes are carried out within their estate plan.

One way that we recommend sentimental items be passed along is through a tangible personal property memorandum.

The great thing about making a memorandum is that it can be easily updated over the years.

These tangible personal property memorandums can be as simple or as detailed as a client would like them to be. They can include one or two items, or a long list of personal properties to be distributed.

Tangible personal property memorandums can eliminate fighting among family members of heirlooms and sentimental objects.

We help our clients structure their memorandum and instruct them how to update it over time.

We also help clients with letters of instruction, if they have more to say to family members regarding distribution, their estate plan, or anything they want them to know about their life, their wishes, etc.

Estate plans are incredibly customizable and we make sure that a client’s wishes are met through their unique estate plan.

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