The Dangers of Unpatched Medical Devices

The Dangers of Unpatched Medical Devices

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a notice regarding their concerns of unpatched and legacy medical devices.

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The FBI found that recently, there has been an increase in medical device vulnerability.

These vulnerabilities can result in cyberattacks.

Outdated software is an easy target for bad actors.

The FBI recommended encrypting data and prioritizing identity and access management. Strong, individualized passwords can help protect devices.

Overall, the FBI is recommending that healthcare entities understand and emphasize asset management, vulnerability management and employee training to reduce risk. They want comprehensive inventories of devices, cooperation with manufacturers regarding vulnerabilities, and reporting methods in place for potential threats.

If you are a healthcare entity that utilizes medical devices, it is essential that you put into practice the FBI’s recommendations.

An inventory of devices is a great place to start.

This will allow you to know what devices you have, when they were manufactured, when updates/patches were released, and if you should be in contact with the manufacturer regarding any updates.

Employees also need to be trained to utilize the inventory and watch for potential risks.

Your policies and procedures should be up to date regarding your medical devices and related policies, so that employees know where to look for guidance. Train them frequently, so that nothing falls through the cracks.

We help our clients with their inventories, manage their risks, and protect against breaches.

At Rickard & Associates, we also help our clients update their policies and procedures and provide thorough training to all employees.

If you need help with your devices, inventory, or employee training, contact us today!

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