Vince Vaughn: Peyton Manning inspired the ‘Wedding Crashers’ football scene


The ManningCast, an alternate broadcast to Monday Night Football that features Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, has frequently featured athletes and celebrities breaking down all the action. During Monday’s game between the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots, the Mannings had actor and Chicago native Vince Vaughn on.

While he was mostly there to talk about football, he also revealed an interesting tidbit about how Peyton Manning inspired one of his iconic film scenes.

In “Wedding Crashers,” Vaughn has a scene in which he is playing a game of backyard football alongside characters played by Owen Wilson, Bradley Cooper and Christopher Walken. Vaughn plays quarterback when his team is on offense and went through his own cadence at the line, which was inspired by Peyton:

“That was definitely inspired by Peyton. He would always come up to the line and change the plays and it always looked so complicated. He’d kind of make these decisions and he’d have this terminology, so as a fan, I always thought that was cool. When we went to shoot the scene that day, I remember saying to the director, ‘the more I make it like I really am invested here in what I’m doing, the funnier it’s going to be when it goes bad. It was definitely Peyton-inspired to say ‘hot route’ and ‘7/11.’ We were definitely feeding off of Peyton’s skills there.”

A few moments later, Eli Manning tried his hand at trying to replicate Vaughn’s Cadence at the line. It’s probably safe to say that Vaughn’s delivery was a little more entertaining.

The banter between Vaughn and the Mannings ended up being more entertaining than the actual game, which the Bears won 33-14 in convincing fashion.

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